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WCN Announces the Launch of “K.N.O.W.” KNOWLEDGE NETWORK OFFERING WISDOM For Athletes

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K.N.O.W. LLC   Founded in 2009 by business, athletic and financial experts, K.N.O.W, LLC is a support management, one-stop consulting firm of experts dedicated to providing services to the athletic industry. A network of highly skilled consultants provide necessary services (knowledge, skills and wisdom) to young professionals selected into the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), and for any other professionals requiring the need for such services.   @wcntv Commentary: As a new writer for Sports Life Magazine and a personal associate of K.N.O.W. President Monica Morton, I am happy to report the launch of this new venture. This important organization is most likely the first Consultancy of its kind for Sports Athletes and most importantly, their families. My People perish from a lack of knowledge “Hosea 4:6″, says the good book and it is that lack of knowledge we hear with story after story of Athletes going broke after their short careers in professional sports.   This powerful consulting firm has been created to educate and provide the tools necessary at the NCAA Level to make sure Athletes are equipped with the life skills needed long after the lights at arenas and careers begin to dim. Any Athlete, anywhere in the world should Follow, Tweet and Share to get this information into the hands of the Sports Community at large.   Stay tuned to WCN and read more at http://www.knowllc.net. And, if you don’t “know” K.N.O.W LLC, now you do! Right from the start: Protect yourself, your earning potential and, of course, your future.
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Today’s Transmedia Woman Celebrates the Accomplishments of Rosemary M. Jones, Director, Supplier Diversity Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Today’s Transmedia Women was created to honor Women in Media and its with pleasure that we support this upcoming event in Atlanta to support the “Women of Vision Breakfast” where Rosemary M. Jones a leader in Supplier Diversity for Turner will be recognized as one of Atlanta’s Top 100 Black Women of Influence for 2011.

WCNTV would like to add to the choir of well wishers for Atlanta’s Top Black Women of Influence with heartfelt appreciation for the doors that Ms. Jones has opened for years in the Entertainment Industry and those of us who aspire to serve this great industry with innovation and excellence.

On behalf of the WCNTV Family, International Goodwill Ambassador Oscar J. Webb Vice Chairman of WCNTV we are so proud of all of your accomplishments and thank you for your kindness in allowing WCNTV the opportunity to pitch TV Everywhere Strategies allowing viewers to instantly purchasing anything seen on screen.   Jay O’Conner Chairman & CEO

Judge Penny Brown Reynolds – Todays Transemdia Woman Keynote Address to Women of Color

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WCNTV Commentary: This incredible message from Judge Penny Brown Reynolds is just as important today as it was when delivered at the Women of Color Conference in 2009.  Judge Penny is on fire and I dedicate this Keynote to my Mother, Sisters, Aunts and Daughters.  Today’s Transmedia Women a publication dedicated to the women in media who make a difference.  Today’s Transmedia Woman is Judge Penny Brown Reynolds and we pray that her voice would increase and be heard around thw world. Jay O’Conner Chairman & CEO WCNTV.   The Honorable Penny Brown Reynolds Bringing an authentic voice to daytime television, and an inspiring new perspective, the honorable Penny Brown Reynolds presides over the court series, Family Court with Judge Penny, drawing on her legal and personal background to address the conflicts faced by families in America.   This Emmy nominated executive producer and television personality, judge, author, entrepreneur, ordained minister, preacher, scholar, and theologian provides a straight forward and relevant message and is America’s newest provocative intellectual on issues including politics, justice, religion, as well as pop culture.   Full Bio will appears on the WCNTV WordPress Blog.   http://wcntransmedia.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/judge-penny-brown-reynolds-todays-transemdia-woman-keynote-address-to-women-of-color/
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