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Today’s Transmedia Woman Celebrates the Accomplishments of Rosemary M. Jones, Director, Supplier Diversity Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Today’s Transmedia Women was created to honor Women in Media and its with pleasure that we support this upcoming event in Atlanta to support the “Women of Vision Breakfast” where Rosemary M. Jones a leader in Supplier Diversity for Turner will be recognized as one of Atlanta’s Top 100 Black Women of Influence for 2011.

WCNTV would like to add to the choir of well wishers for Atlanta’s Top Black Women of Influence with heartfelt appreciation for the doors that Ms. Jones has opened for years in the Entertainment Industry and those of us who aspire to serve this great industry with innovation and excellence.

On behalf of the WCNTV Family, International Goodwill Ambassador Oscar J. Webb Vice Chairman of WCNTV we are so proud of all of your accomplishments and thank you for your kindness in allowing WCNTV the opportunity to pitch TV Everywhere Strategies allowing viewers to instantly purchasing anything seen on screen.   Jay O’Conner Chairman & CEO





It may be time for a Reality Check.  Another Black Eye for Herman Cain.  Kind of feel sorry for him, more so his wife.  Using the it wasn’t me defense is getting tired, over used and trite.


So we have another woman ready to risk everything just to do what stop you running in a race you cannot possibly win.  Its time for a Come to Jesus Meeting with your wife and Pastor and a well needed vacation.  Just do it sooner rather than later.


I am reminded often in our quest for success not to embarrass your family and the generations before you.  You wonder if he heard his attorney at all prior to going on CNNLynn Wood is a brilliant attorney who crafted a great response that Cain completely ignored.   First everyone knows that a man is about as faithful as his options.


Herman Cain - Caricature


Now 5 Women are lying about him.  Each of which understands the Media will Rip their lives apart.  Bro I expect to see you back on Wolf saying BLITZ,  I resign.   His campaign is now Radioactive and he has no one to blame but himself.

Let’s try to ignore the allegations for a moment and listen to his policies.