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WCN Transmedia Group Showcase Actress Victoria Rowell Fit, Fierce and Fabulous. Commentary by @WCNTV

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TODAY’S TRANSMEDIA WOMAN VICTORIA ROWELL   WCNTV Commentary: Today on CNN we got a chance to visit with Victoria Rowell and let me say MY, MY, MY I need a little help from Johnny Gill on this one. One of my favorite Actresses is the Lovely Victoria Rowell who is receiving a great deal of support for a return to the Young and The Restless. An Advocate for Adoption Victoria brings purpose to her celebrity and is Today’s TransmediaWoman. Hear her story and support her efforts to bring Adoption to the forefront. Tell you what if CBS does not pick up her options soon…..There could be a Transmedia Soap Opera in her Future…….IPTV opens up a lot more opportunities for Veteran Actors. Transmedia Storytelling is what we do best and monetizing the Customer Experience is what WCNTV does best. Dru it may be time to do our own thang around YOU!!! Hit LIKE if your Hear ME Fans.
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Today’s Transmedia Woman Congratulates @Gayle King CBS Great Move!

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WCNTV Commentary:  Well it seems you can recommend your BFF for a Job, but its up to the BFF to hold their own.  Gayle King has not only done that but she has learned the craft well and is a Transmedia Women in her own right.    Very Good Move CBS and not because she is Oprah‘s Girl.  That can open doors sure, maybe get you a great table at the latest hot spot.  But Gayle is a formatible force in her own Right and its good to see the media to get one right.    Charilie Rose is Smart but Gayle offers Smarts and may I say someone I would not mind waking up to in the Morning.  Well that was before having to get up at the Crack of Dawn as Meridith Vieira told Pierce Morgan.  We wish her well and say Go Girl.  A great move is to plan a Transmedia Storytelling Segment starting with @TransmediaWomen which was created because of Miss Represented for my Daughers and the women in media and in my life at large.   Jay O’Conner Chairman & CEO WCNTV.     Charlie Rose and Gayle King, joined by Erica Hill, will take on “Today” and “Good Morning America” starting Jan. 9.   CBS News’s new, as-yet-unnamed morning program will debut Jan. 9 and will star PBS interviewer Charlie Rose at 7 a.m. and Oprah BFF Gayle King at 8, the network officially announced Tuesday. “The Early Show” holdover Erica Hill will join Charlie in the first hour, when the program focuses more on hard news for the full hour.
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