Welcome to Today’s Transmedia Woman Blog.  This Blog, Online Magazine and future Television Show is dedicated to my Daughters whom I love as much as life itself.  Today’s Transmedia Woman was inspired by Oprah Winfrey‘s airing of Miss Represented a Documentary about how women are treated in the Media.   Is it Sexy or is it Sexism? And to keep it real does T&A sell anything more than Beer?  We set to find out and be a resource for your voice in how WCNTV Networks and his promise provide engaging Content that captures the attention of a mass audience but also restores the values of what Television and Transmedia Storytelling is all about for Women.

We are searching even as we speak for an Editor and Writers who are women to participate daily in this blog with comments.

Initially should I not hit the mark remember I am a Dad and a Man who is largely clueless about Women’s Issues.  Or even the right time to use Woman vs Women in my writings to you.  But that is more of my own personal shortcomings with the English Language.  But no Excuses as this is a good think to foster understanding and the creation of a new Television Network that the entire Family would be able to watch, enjoy and  Click and Buy anything seen on WCNTV.

We start by listing the Hotline Numbers for Domestic Violence as this is the first place we must start our efforts to help Women in desperate Situations.  Yes I am advocating both a High End Mass Media Push to get the right messages out there but at the same time provide real-time information that may indeed Save A Life.

This Blog is being started on Thanksgiving Nov 24, 2012 and we are Thankful to have received the calling to Respect All Women for the contributions made to a greater Society.

National Domestic Violence Hotline – 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) and 1-800-787-3224 (TDD)

State Hotlines:



Arizona.. (602)836-0858


California..(415)469-7637, (916)920-2952, or (213)392-9896

Colorado.. (303)573-9018 or (719)633-3819

Connecticut.. (203)524-5890

Delaware.. (302)762-6110

DC.. (202)347-2777


Georgia.. (706)543-3331, (404)524-3847 or (912)439-7094

Hawaii.. (808)595-3900 or (808)841-0822

Idaho.. (208)525-1820

Illinois.. (217)789-2830, (618)465-1978 or (708)386-4225

Indiana ..(800)334-7233

Indiana.. (800)221-6311

Illinois..(800)603-HELP or (800)603-4357

Iowa.. (800)942-0333 or (515)243-6147

Kansas.. (800)794-4624 or 316)232-2757

Kentucky ..(502)581-7222

L.A. County..(800)978-3600

Louisiana.. (504)486-0377

Maine.. (207)324-1957

Maryland.. (410)757-8300 or (301)654-1881

Massachusetts.. (800)992-2600 or (617)426-8492

Michigan..(800)99-NO ABUSE or (800)996-6228

Minnesota.. (800)289-6177 or (612)646-6177

Mississippi.. (601)435-1968

Missouri.. (800)548-2480 (314)634-4161

Montana..(800)655-7867 – 24 hours

Nebraska.. (402)463-4677

Nevada.. (800)992-5757 or (702)423-1313

New Hampshire.. (800)852-3311 or (603)352-3782

New Jersey ..(800)572-7233 or (201)881-1450

New Mexico.. (505)624-0666

New York.. (800)942-6906 (English) or (800)942-6908 (Spanish)

North Carolina.. (919)683-8628 or (702)885-7233

North Dakota ..(800)472-2911

Ohio.. (800)543-1399 or (419)422-4766

Oklahoma ..(800)522-7233

Oregon.. (503)239-4486 or (503)235-5333


Rhode Island ..(401)723-3051, (401)723-3057 or (401)782-3990

South Carolina.. (800)273-1820 or (803)669-4694

South Dakota.. (605)698-4129

Tennessee.. (615)327-0805 or (901)664-9727

Texarkana area.. (800)876-4808 or local calls (903)793-help.

Texas.. (800)252-5400, (713) 528-2121 (see below for additional numbers)

Utah.. (801)753-2500



West Virginia..(800)352-6513

Washington.. (800)562-6025

Wisconsin.. (800)-333-7233

Wyoming..(307)789-7315 or (800)445-7233

I’m sorry I could not find 1-800 numbers for all of the states. When I come across them I will add them for future reference.

Texas Area Womens Shelters

Noah Project Central Texas PO Box 1202, Brownwood, TX 76804 (915) 643-2699

Women’s Resource & Crisis Center 124 Gulf Freeway, League City, TX 77573 (281) 332-4357

Women’s Shelter First National Bank # 202, Kerrville, TX 78028 (210) 000-1111

Women’s Shelter of East Texas 304 Raguet Street, Lufkin, TX 75904 (409) 639-1681 fax: (409) 569-8877

Domestic Violence Counselors Concerned Counseling P. O. Box 780063, San Antonio, TX 78278 (281) 737-9344 or (888) 415-TALK fax: (210) 308-8104 info@concernedcounseling.com

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