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This Blog is dedicated to my Daughters whom I love with all my heart.  As we venture to make a difference in Media its clear there is a system of marginalizing Women’s Role in Today’s Media.

Transmedia StoryTelling provides a unique opportunity for a Hyper Cool, Hyper Transparent look at the issues that were introduced by Miss Represented on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

As a Dad and a media executive I felt it important to create a place to get the information and facts I need to make sure that World Colours Network Television gains and maintains its core audience.

Equal Pay for Equal Performance, only make sense and opening the doors to a higher level of thinking and more important communication to exchange dialog, ideas and yes even criticism should we get off tract.

So I dedicate this Blog to All Women and especially those women in my life that have helped me along the way.

We can and will do it better seeking your voice along the way.  Please make this your blog and post comments articles and if you would like to be a regular Citizen Journalist we hope as this matures you will consider telling your story here on this blog.