100th Anniversary of Titanic – World’s Fastest Talking Female breaks world record and does Memorial Prayer as ordained minister down by wreck site of Titanic.


Putnam, New York – With the 100th anniversary of the RMS Titanic approaching on April 14, 2012, Fran Capo the Guinness Book of Worlds Record Fastest talking female talks about her once in a lifetime two and a half mile journey down to the wreck site of the Titanic, a journey only 108 people have made – more people have been to outer space! Capo is a five-time world record holder, motivational speaker, comedienne and avid adventurer who has chronicled her adventures in her book, “Adrenaline Adventures.” To date, Capo has done over 100 high risk adventures which include; eating fire, bungee jumping, diving with sharks, having knives thrown at her, driving race cares, sleeping in an ice hotel, skydiving, being chased in Antarctica by a leopard seal…and the list goes on…but this modern day Nellie Bly says, “Going down to the Titanic is my greatest adventure yet!” So how exactly did a fast talker, talk her way to the bottom of the ocean? Capo had done a book signing at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.



That picture circulated around the world and Capo got a call out of the blue from Brian Day O’Connor, the former US Supreme Court Justice’s son. Brian told Fran of the opportunity for this fantastic adventure that was known to few. Capo decided not only to visit the wreck site but make it memorable as well. So with the help of sponsors, this world record adventurer went the following year on July 10, 2005 to not only do a book signing in the Russian Mir submersiblebut become an ordained minister so she could pay homage to the deceased which lie in their watery


RMS Titanic

RMS Titanic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


grave, 380 miles Southeast of New Foundland. With the guidance of a Navy Chaplain, she said the appropriate non-denominational prayer. A fact which is now chronicled in the “Diving Almanac and Yearbook-2008” and Ripley’s books. Capo says, “The journey was very surreal. I had to keep reminding myself as I stared out that 6 inch pressurized window of the submersible, that this was not the movie, I really was at the bottom of the North Atlantic ocean in complete darkness, staring history in the face. I also had to realize that if God forbid something should happen there was no rescue submersible that could come get us. It was eerie, exciting and humbling all at once and left me, the fast talker, speechless.” Capo also has funny tales to tell of her journey as well, “They told me that I’d be down there for 12 hours, no bathroom. I got worried so I figured I would wear a Depends…but since it’s only 7 feet inside and only accommodates 3 people, I figured if I went, it wouldn’t be hard to know it was me with the stinky diaper.” The complete story is listed on her website, http://www.francapo.com. She also tells the story on stage during her stand up comedy act and motivational speaking gigs.


To interview Fran during the 100th Titanic anniversary, see never before seen footage, read Fran’s journal adventure down to the Titanic or just find out what this wild fast talking adventurer is up to check out http://www.francapo.com or call her at 845-526-3290 or 917-975-2149.






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In the early 2000s, with the rise of social networks such as MySpace or Friendster, we became aware of several new types of friendships, the kind that didn’t settle with all the “classic” definitions of the term and, in a way, changed the very concept of online friendship: During the early years of social networking, we first encountered “collectors,” people that are “friending” other people not because they care for their interests nor share mutual trust (most of the time the “friends” don’t know each other at all), but only to add more friends to their list and accumulate popularity on the social network.


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