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Confessions of an Aca/Fan: Archives: Brian Clark on Transmedia Business Models (Part Three)

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Brian Clark on Transmedia Business Models (Part Three)   This is part three of a five part series by transmedia designer and theorist Brian Clark.   A HANDFUL OF BOTTOM UP MODELS
by Brian Clark   In the prior two installments, we looked at what might drive the next wave of innovation in storytelling and dissected the patronage business model that dominates the transmedia space today. In this installment and the next, I want to dive deeper into ten different alternative business models that we know work from other media movements in the hopes that they provide some inspiration to other entrepreneurial storytellers.   The first handful treats funding and sustainability as the primary challenges: if you don’t have access to millions of dollars, just how much capital do you really need? Do you need any at all?


Tyra Banks is hosting a Google + Hangout on Youtube.@tyrabanks #TyrasHangout

Via Scoop.itToday’s Transmedia Woman

Tyra Banks is hosting a Google + Hangout on Youtube. Cuh-razy excited to be in a Hangout on Google+ right now! Get ur smize on and join me: #TyrasHangout   This is very Transmedia Women.  Go Tyra!!

Conscious Holiday Shopping | ‘Man Up!’ is Down

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A few weeks back, after it was deemed the most offensive new show on network TV in our SexyorSexism? poll, we asked you to stand up to sexism and flood the pages of ABC’s Man Up!. We have positive news: the network has decided to shelve Man Up! for the time being, and all signs point to its eventual cancellation. Thank you to everyone who took this action and made a difference in the representation of gender on TV. Our campaign is starting to get noticed! Here’s this week’s action:   Action Alert 1: Conscious Holiday Shopping In America, the week after Thanksgiving officially launches the biggest shopping season of the year. Millions of people in this country will spend many millions of dollars over the next four weeks – so what better time to take some action around spending habits? Voting with our money is one of the most powerful ways we can impact the society we live in.   That’s why we are launching a campaign on Tumblr and Twitter to keep track of all the positive choices we know you Reps will be making when purchasing gifts this year. If you see a product that misrepresents or degrades women – whether in a store, online or in a magazine – here’s what you can do to make a difference:   1. On Twitter, post a picture or a description of the offensive product with this hashtag: #notbuyingit (ex. “The ads at Abercrombie & Fitch are degrading to women. I wanted this sweater but now I’m #notbuyingit #SARep”)   2. On Tumblr, post a picture of a positive ad or item, with a description of why you think it fairly represents women! (You can see similar examples already up at   We hope to create a trend this winter of avoiding sexist products while supporting those that send out positive messages around gender. As always, let us know of any major successes that you have! You might be our next featured rep! Peace,

3 Can’t-Miss Books in December 2011 Reading List – Book Finder – @Oprah

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These captivating reads are sure to keep your mind busy over the holiday season.   11/22/63 Stephen King
849 pages   Love and Shame and Love Peter Orner
448 pages   It Chooses You Miranda July
208 pages   Read more:


ActorsBreakdown has a rush casting call we will be submitting talent for. The call is for a brand name commercial payrate $1000 + 10% a day. We have submitted our clients but, because we have the responisbility to this AB client who is casting for this commercial we are going out of our client base to assure the best talent on this page can be submitted. The breakdown is very specific: Female/Afr. American or Afr. American Mixed/Age 20-30/5’7-5’11 ONLY, should be a Women’s Size Medium. Seeking women with athletic build and habits-Female Runner Types

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It may be time for a Reality Check.  Another Black Eye for Herman Cain.  Kind of feel sorry for him, more so his wife.  Using the it wasn’t me defense is getting tired, over used and trite.


So we have another woman ready to risk everything just to do what stop you running in a race you cannot possibly win.  Its time for a Come to Jesus Meeting with your wife and Pastor and a well needed vacation.  Just do it sooner rather than later.


I am reminded often in our quest for success not to embarrass your family and the generations before you.  You wonder if he heard his attorney at all prior to going on CNNLynn Wood is a brilliant attorney who crafted a great response that Cain completely ignored.   First everyone knows that a man is about as faithful as his options.


Herman Cain - Caricature


Now 5 Women are lying about him.  Each of which understands the Media will Rip their lives apart.  Bro I expect to see you back on Wolf saying BLITZ,  I resign.   His campaign is now Radioactive and he has no one to blame but himself.

Let’s try to ignore the allegations for a moment and listen to his policies.




WCN Transmedia Showcase: Black Girl In Suburbia Documentary Trailer @BlkGrlinSubrbia

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WCNTV Commentary:  Keeping it Real we must make change we can sustain for our girls.. Thanks Mellisa Lowery. Support the release of this film.     Black Girl In Suburbia is a feature documentary that looks into the experiences of black girls growing up in predominately white communities. This is a different look into suburbia from the perspective of women of color. This film explores through professional and personal interviews the conflict and issues black girls have relating to both white and black communities.   Black Girl In Suburbia intends to spark an open dialogue about race, identity, and perspective among all people, in hopes that these discussions will allow us to reconsider perceptions of ourselves, others and the communities in which we live and share.