100th Anniversary of Titanic – World’s Fastest Talking Female breaks world record and does Memorial Prayer as ordained minister down by wreck site of Titanic.


Putnam, New York – With the 100th anniversary of the RMS Titanic approaching on April 14, 2012, Fran Capo the Guinness Book of Worlds Record Fastest talking female talks about her once in a lifetime two and a half mile journey down to the wreck site of the Titanic, a journey only 108 people have made – more people have been to outer space! Capo is a five-time world record holder, motivational speaker, comedienne and avid adventurer who has chronicled her adventures in her book, “Adrenaline Adventures.” To date, Capo has done over 100 high risk adventures which include; eating fire, bungee jumping, diving with sharks, having knives thrown at her, driving race cares, sleeping in an ice hotel, skydiving, being chased in Antarctica by a leopard seal…and the list goes on…but this modern day Nellie Bly says, “Going down to the Titanic is my greatest adventure yet!” So how exactly did a fast talker, talk her way to the bottom of the ocean? Capo had done a book signing at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.



That picture circulated around the world and Capo got a call out of the blue from Brian Day O’Connor, the former US Supreme Court Justice’s son. Brian told Fran of the opportunity for this fantastic adventure that was known to few. Capo decided not only to visit the wreck site but make it memorable as well. So with the help of sponsors, this world record adventurer went the following year on July 10, 2005 to not only do a book signing in the Russian Mir submersiblebut become an ordained minister so she could pay homage to the deceased which lie in their watery


RMS Titanic

RMS Titanic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


grave, 380 miles Southeast of New Foundland. With the guidance of a Navy Chaplain, she said the appropriate non-denominational prayer. A fact which is now chronicled in the “Diving Almanac and Yearbook-2008” and Ripley’s books. Capo says, “The journey was very surreal. I had to keep reminding myself as I stared out that 6 inch pressurized window of the submersible, that this was not the movie, I really was at the bottom of the North Atlantic ocean in complete darkness, staring history in the face. I also had to realize that if God forbid something should happen there was no rescue submersible that could come get us. It was eerie, exciting and humbling all at once and left me, the fast talker, speechless.” Capo also has funny tales to tell of her journey as well, “They told me that I’d be down there for 12 hours, no bathroom. I got worried so I figured I would wear a Depends…but since it’s only 7 feet inside and only accommodates 3 people, I figured if I went, it wouldn’t be hard to know it was me with the stinky diaper.” The complete story is listed on her website, She also tells the story on stage during her stand up comedy act and motivational speaking gigs.


To interview Fran during the 100th Titanic anniversary, see never before seen footage, read Fran’s journal adventure down to the Titanic or just find out what this wild fast talking adventurer is up to check out or call her at 845-526-3290 or 917-975-2149.








TRAYVON MARTIN  – THE EMMITT TILL OF 2012 By Hermene Hartman, Today’s Transmedia Woman

The murder of Trayvon Martin who was fatally shot in Sanford Florida by a
keystone cop type is the Emmett Till case of 2012.  A teen Black male is in
danger on American streets, in his neighborhood, in the suburbs and on urban
streets.   A young Black Male Walking   (BMW) should be very careful.    His
mere walking is a danger sign. Walking in jeans and sweats and a hoodie
could   be a death sentence.  The reason –  because you are Black and only
because you are Black.

America has a problem –  the perception of the Black Male.  Even with a
Black male occupying The White House, the fear factor and the disrespect
looms.   The President of the Untied States said, if I had a son, he might
look like Trayvon Martin.  The resemblance is clearly there  –   clean cut,
bright shinning face.   He could have also said, maybe if I weren¹t in the
White House, I too would be under the same threat, minus secret service.  Or
he could have also said, when I was his age, it could have been me.

A Washington Post reporter said we are living in a post racial society. The
comment was stimulated, I am sure, because President Barrack Obama is in
office and some might think  race issues have vanished.    Wrong and we knew
it was wrong when she said it.  Try walking the streets as a young black man
and you find out quickly the state of American racism.  The police are
afraid of the children. The children are afraid of the police. Both are
quick on the draw.

Trayvon was walking in his housing complex in Florida. He was walking in a
gated  guarded community.  He went to the store.  He had candy in one hand
and tea in the other.  He was talking on his cell phone.  He had on  the
clothes of youth, a hoodie that is a sweatshirt with a hood.  Did it cost
him his life?    Front-page story in the Chicago Tribune is  ³What black
parents are telling their sons² as they navigate from teenage to adult hood
as they travel the streets in normal life.    This is a Black problem, it is
not a class problem or an education problem,  it is a defined race problem.
It is a problem that whites may not understand, however, it is real.    It
is not new that  Black parents  provide their sons social instructions on a
special code of conduct for Black men.  The Black men of the south,
yesteryear  were told to get off the sidewalk if approaching a white male.
They were also told never to look a white man in the eye and to drop their
heads while talking.

Today, parents tell their children to walk in twos or threes.  They
prepare them for the police stop.  Instructions are stay  in the car, keep
your hands on the wheel. Do not argue.  Get out of the car with your hands
up and  in front of you.  For no reason at all put your hands in your
pocket, it does not matter  that you don¹t have anything  in your pocket, it
matters only what the police officer thinks.  He thinks you have a weapon.

Black Male Tales that are True
I know a Black male who was the top officer of his company working in a
major downtown establishment.  He forget his brief case, filled with work
for the weekend.  He did not go back in the building after hours, because
the guards did not know he was coming. He is never without suit, shirt and
tie, always looking like a fashion plate.    He did not go back in the
building because he is a Black male, and he didn¹t want the guard, the white
guard, to get confused and mistakenly consider him a burglar and shoot him
accidentally in the dark.    He left his briefcase and drove back into the
city the next day and went to his office.

I know another Black man, whose teen child wanted to visit the mall with his
buddies for his birthday, without parents. They wanted to just hang by
themselves.  His father gave him and his buddies instructions.  He drove
them to the mall and they agreed where they would be picked up with specific
time.  He made sure they were nicely dressed. He told them to be polite and
for no reason loud.  He told them to go into the stores only where they
wanted to purchase an item and to make it clear that they were there to buy.
He told them not to laugh too loud.  This was their first venture without
parents.  He was scared to death, explaining to me, you have no idea what
could happen over  absolutely nothing.  He was on pins and needles often
with phone calls to his sons  cell to check on their safety and whereabouts.

I know another Black male who for no reason will not  wear a jockeying suit
or jeans and t-shirt.  He is suited at all times.  His complexion is dark.
He is a successful business owner and works odd hours and is always low key
and polite, no matter what.  He says a screaming black man, a black man with
the wrong hat, the wrong suit of clothing, can cause upset and death.

I have a white neighbor, who was alarmed when she saw  a Black male in the
hallway.   She went and told another white neighbor that a Black man was in
the building.    She was correct.  He was a United States Congressman.  I
had to tell her she would probably see other Black men in my home and that
she could not call the police as though she was in danger when  she saw
someone  walking through the halls.

The young black male in American society is threatened and is a threat all
in one package.    It is ridiculous, yet Black people understand it and live
it.   Women understand it and men understand it most of all and adjust their
style to accommodate.

A maniac, George Zimmerman,  killed Trayvon for no reason other than his own
prejudices.  He has yet to be arrested. This is the tragedy of the tragedy.
America at large is up in arms for the murder and  rightfully are filling
the  streets in protest.  Trayvon could have been anybody¹s child and any
black boy in America.

Today’s Transmedia Women’s welcomes Ann-Reade Moore to the Transmedia Brandcasting (Tm2b) Advisory Agency Alliance.

Today’s Transmedia Women welcomes Ann-Reade Moore Membership Manager at Andice Funding Alliance Network and new Transmedia Convergence Strategist at Andice Funding, Inc. (AIF) Ann will be be published regularly on  Today’s Transmedia Women’s Blog,  reporting on The TV Everywhere (TVe) Transmedia Brandcasting Industry.   Recognizing the power of monetized streaming video AFAN through its strategic alliance with World Colours Network Founder & CEO, Jay O’Conner, the world’s first Transmedia Brandcasting Catalyst will be expanding the practice seeking transmedia funding opportunities.  Recently it was reported and tweeted by @WCNTV  Bell invests in ‘TV everywhere’@Andice_AIF which was a 3 to 4 Billion Dollar wake up call for the entertainment industry and just the tip of the iceberg of the Convergence and The Power of Now.  We are pleased to welcome Ms. Read Moore the Transmedia Brandcasting (Tm2b) Advisory Agency Team.

Ann-Reade Moore

The Right Partner Matters: Join The Andice Alliance Funding Network (AFan).

Houston, Texas Area
Investment Banking
75 connections


Public Profile


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Andice Integrated Funding (AIF) as working capital providers can help clients with the means to “match their short-term liabilities with their short-term income.” In laymen terms, with our funding, you can now manage cash flow and increase business. In addition to effective working capital, AIF can provide a hybrid of capital solutions you require to keep paced with business operations on a day-to-day basis.


Membership Manager

Andice Funding Alliance Network

Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Financial Services industry

March 2012Present (1 month) New York, NY

Our worldwide partnerships and business relationships enable ANDICE to offer a wide variety of discreet, comprehensive and creative business solutions tailored to meet specific needs and achieve unique goals.

Andice Integrated Funding (AIF) as working capital providers can help your clients with the means to “match their short-term liabilities with their short-term income.” In laymen terms, with your help and our funding, your clients can now manage their cash flow and increase business. In addition to effective working capital, AIF can provide a hybrid of capital solutions your clients require to keep their business operational on a day-to-day basis.

Recommend Ann-Reade’s work at Andice Funding Alliance Network

Convergence Strategist

Andice Integrated Funding, Inc. (AIF)


January 2012Present (3 months) New York, NY

Our funding solutions are intended to provide companies with working capital on a short-term basis with long term value and benefit.

We can arrange for the capital your clients need to buy the components and materials required to fulfill their contractual obligations and fill end-buyer needs. Whether your clients need a suite of ABL services, production funding, inventory funding, or short-term working capital to meet existing corporate or government orders, AIF can help.

We are simply offering short to medium-term funding solutions to assist in fulfilling current orders or contracts. We will extend an official private invitation to your clients in our no cost funding analysis specifically designed for SME’s.

This position is associated with:

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    Team Members: Ann-Reade Moore

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    Our general requirements to be considered for funding are simple:

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WCN Announces the Launch of “K.N.O.W.” KNOWLEDGE NETWORK OFFERING WISDOM For Athletes

Via Scoop.itToday’s Transmedia Sports

K.N.O.W. LLC   Founded in 2009 by business, athletic and financial experts, K.N.O.W, LLC is a support management, one-stop consulting firm of experts dedicated to providing services to the athletic industry. A network of highly skilled consultants provide necessary services (knowledge, skills and wisdom) to young professionals selected into the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), and for any other professionals requiring the need for such services.   @wcntv Commentary: As a new writer for Sports Life Magazine and a personal associate of K.N.O.W. President Monica Morton, I am happy to report the launch of this new venture. This important organization is most likely the first Consultancy of its kind for Sports Athletes and most importantly, their families. My People perish from a lack of knowledge “Hosea 4:6″, says the good book and it is that lack of knowledge we hear with story after story of Athletes going broke after their short careers in professional sports.   This powerful consulting firm has been created to educate and provide the tools necessary at the NCAA Level to make sure Athletes are equipped with the life skills needed long after the lights at arenas and careers begin to dim. Any Athlete, anywhere in the world should Follow, Tweet and Share to get this information into the hands of the Sports Community at large.   Stay tuned to WCN and read more at And, if you don’t “know” K.N.O.W LLC, now you do! Right from the start: Protect yourself, your earning potential and, of course, your future.

Today’s Transmedia Women Showcase’s “LOVE MOODS” A Book of Poems by Hermene Hartman


Hermene Hartman 20 Plus Years of Publishing Excellence N’DIGO

About Hermene Hartman

Hermene Hartman is one of the most significant and influential Black women in American publishing. She serves as President and CEO of the Chicago-based Hartman Publishing Group, Inc. Her weekly column, Publisher’s Page, provides social commentary on hot topics of the day. Her radio program, VIEWS OF THE HEART, appears on Clear Channel station, WVAZ daily at 9:15 and 2:15.

N’DIGO, was founded in 1989, has the largest African American newspaper circulation in the nation and the largest alternative newspaper circulation in Chicago. N’DIGO is a weekly lifestyle publication for progressive readers. In 1995, N’DIGO PROFILES was established as a special annual publication, with a targeted insert in the Chicago Tribune and Crain’s Chicago Business Magazine.

Ms. Hartman is founder and president of N’DIGO Foundation, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, which began in 1995. It sponsors an annual Black Tie Gala, for the sole purpose of raising funds for educational pursuits.

4 Steps To Romance This Valentine’s Day!

1. Order Love Moods for your Kindle

2.Put On Your Favorite Music

3. Have a Glass of Champagne

4. Read “Love Moods” To Your Loved One.

Available now on Amazon

 Love Moods lifts the spirit, touches the soul and invites you in to the emotions of Love!

Today’s Transmedia Woman highlights the long list of accomplishments of Ms. Helen Greer of the Greer Entertainment Agency International


Today’s Transmedia Woman highlights the long list of accomplishments of Ms. Helen Greer of the Greer Entertainment Agency who for more than 50 years has served the Music Industry.  This Music Legend was brought to WCNTV’s  attention by International Goodwill Ambassador Oscar J. Webb Vice Chairman of World Colours Network Television.   50 Years of working with some of the top talent in the African American Community we celebrate the accomplishments of this Today’s Transemdia Woman, Ms. Helen Greer.  we look forward to working with you and supporting the continued longevity of your business success.

Helen Greer Agency

Greer Entertainment Agency International

1725 S. Rainbow Boulevard  *  Suite 2 – #160

Las Vegas, Nevada  89146

Office: 702.368.7654   *   Fax: 702.253.5796   *   Email:

Celebrating 51 Years of Booking the Best in the Business !  

(Bonded Licensed Entertainment Booking Agent since 1961



‘Booking Entertainment Queen’

Helen Greer with one of her many clients ‘Cab Calloway Look-Alike’ Jesse’

‘The Real Royalty in Booking Agents’
Founder / CEO & President
‘a  true Legendary Pioneer in Entertainment’


Helen Greer’s

Greer Entertainment Agency Int’l


‘Celebrating 47 Years of Booking the Best in the Business’ 

(Bonded Licensed Entertainment Agent since 1961)



  • Music Concerts Tours
  • Music Festivals & Fairs
  • Night Clubs & Theatres
  • Special VIP  Private Events
  • Casino Site Appearances
  • College Homecomings
  • Television Appearances
  • Sports Celebrity Appearances
  • Lectures from Celebrities
  • Celebrities for Churches
  • Celebrities for Red Carpet Events
  • Artists for Work Shops & Tradeshows


Brief Profile & History of Icon Helen Greer:

In 1960, Helen Greer opened her first talent agency in the City of San Francisco, and in doing so, became the first African-American Female to be licensed and bonded by the State of California.

In 1964, Helen Greer expanded her business by opening up a branch office in Seattle Washington, and again made a bit of history by becoming the first American-American Female to be licensed by the State of Washington as a talent agent.

In 1971, Helen Greer opened her office in Atlanta, Georgia, again challenging the status quo by becoming the first African-American Female to be licensed as a talent agent in the State of Georgia.

During this time, she booked many, many music stars, and worked exclusively with the late great Brook Benton from 1972 until his death in 1986.

In 1980, Helen Greer founded and produced the ‘Top Star Awards’ (compared to a Music Academy Awards style of Show). The show honored local artist throughout the Six Major Cities including Atlanta.  Now, President of the Academy Awards, Richard Green worked on Helen Greer’s production team on the original ‘Top Show Awards’. Some say that today’s Academy Awards is of similar style and format of Helen Greer’s one time production.

In 1982, Helen Greer was appointed by Lt. Governor Zell Miller of Georgia to serve as a member of the Citizen’s Advisory Council of the Music Industry Committee in the Georgia Senate, representing the State of Georgia.

In 1995, Helen Greer was awarded a ‘Pioneer Award’ by the Anheuser Busch and COPE (Club Owners Promoters & Entertainers Organization).

Helen Greer is busy with many daily bookings of entertainers, acts from the Temptations, Jeffrey Osburne, Midnight Star, Pattie LaBelle, Al Green, Isaac Hayes, requests recently have come for Rock ‘n’ Roll American Music Award Artist of the Year Kid Rock, from Gospel, R & B, Rock & Blues, and so many more.

In 1996, Helen Greer filed and was granted the exclusive US rights to the Trade Name, the Trademark, and the US Copyright name, Helen recently formed the Delaware Corporation, ‘Cotton Club Revue’. In 2000, Mr. Leonard Reed, 95 years old, and the original and only Producer of the famous Harlem and Broadway Cotton Club Revue joined Helen Greer as her key consultant to the upcoming 2004, Las Vegas Broadway Musical Play, ‘Helen Greer’s Cotton Club Revue’.

In 2003,  Ms. Greer licensed the rights to her Helen Greer’s Cotton Club Revue’ to Celebrity Icon Slots, Inc. to create an exciting Slot Machine which pays a tribute to the likeness and sounds of some of the former legends of the Cotton Club Revue. Including, Mr. Leonard Reed, the ‘Shim Sham’ Man. The Helen Greer’s Cotton Club Revue Slot Machine made it debut in at the 2003 Las Vegas Convention Centre Gaming Expo Show in Sept. Her slot machine is expected to be release in 2006/07.

Queen Helen Greer’s Clients served are much to many to list, but her Star Galaxy of Excellence in Booking have included:


* Lou Rawls                   Blue Magic           Al Jarreau            The Commodores

* Marlena Shaw   The Whipers        The Temptations  The Impressions

* Arthur Prysock Redd Fox             J. Guitar Watson  The Ohio Players

* B.B. King          The Manhattans   Harold Mevin       Lakeside

* Midnight Star    The O’Jays           Natalie Cole              Frankie Beverly & Maze

* Lloyd Price        * Jerry Butler       * Gene Chandler   * Ben E. King

* Bootsy Collins  …..and many more


Helen Greer is also an equity partner with the United for the World Evens Group, Inc.

Queen Helen Greer’s Awards and Achievements have been many, to extensive to name them all, however, a few include:


* The Distinguished Contribution Award for Outstanding Promotions of Black Music & Black Musicians National Association of Negro Musicians.

* “The Key to the City” from the Mayor of Las Vegas honoring Queen Helen as the first African-American Female to open a talent agency that is licensed and bonded in the State of Nevada.

*  Award from the National Association of Negro Musicians, Inc.

*  Award of Excellence Las Vegas Music Industry Entrepreneur Award

*  ‘Celebrity Roast Award’ in Atlanta / Entertainment USA Magazine

*  Mayor’s Certificate of Commendation / Outstanding Contributions to the Entertainment Industry / City of Los Angeles / Major Richard J. Riordan

*  Alliance of Black Technicians Outstanding Achievement Award / State of California Recognition / Diane E. Watson, 26th Senatorial District.

*  County of Los Angeles / Outstanding Achievements in Promotions of Black Music & Black Musicians / Yvonne Brathwaite-Burke, Chairwoman.

Important Statement from ‘Queen’ Helen Greer:


“ Customer service is not a department, it is an attitude.  In business there is only one Boss, and that is the customers.  They can decide to fire everyone in the company, from the CEO& President on down, by spending their money somewhere else.  Our solid foundations of excellence remain, ‘Quality, Service, and Teamwork’.  The Greer Entertainment Agency Int’l. real Success over the past 47 years of serving my clients and customers have been truly realized by helping to make others Successful.”


For Further Information:

Contact:  William ‘Dollar-Bill’ Waller


                 Director of Business Affairs & Marketing

                 Helen Greer and The Greer Entertainment Agency Int’l


Chief Field Agent:  Ms. Rose Lewis


Contact:   Ms. Helen Greer, CEO & President

Phone:     702.368.7654                   Fax:  702.253.5796





As the world’s First Transmedia Brandcasting Catalysts at WCNTV we get to work on, report on some of the coolest things in the world. This weekend New York’s Latest Citizen is BLUE IVY CARTER.   While the Carters could have had their baby anywhere in the world they chose NYC.  And yes there is something very special about being from NYC.  And the rest of us simply want to welcome an congratulate the Carter Family.