Today’s Transmedia Woman’s Showcase: Inside the Book Interview with Naomi Robinson, Artist of Greeting Card Series: Sister to Sister | Inside The Books

Via Scoop.itToday’s Transmedia Woman

@transmediawoman:  What a honor to introduce Sister to Sister Greeting Card Artist Naomi Robinson.  Check out this interview with Inside The Books.   Hello Everyone, How are you doing? Welcome to Inside The Books. This is JMcManus with another post for you. Today’s post will introduce you to mixed media artist Naomi Robinson.   Born in Notting Hill, West London, United Kingdom, Naomi Robinson always loved drawing. Her mother said she started drawing as soon as she could pick up a crayon. Around the age of six she remembers getting a box of 36 oil crayons and an oversized sketchbook and nearly finishing the entire sketchbook in one day. She loved to draw clowns and was fascinated with the colors, clothing, and face painting.   Read More:  

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