Beverly Johnson is Today’s Transmedia Woman Featured Modelprenur @BeverlyJohnson1

Via Scoop.itToday’s Transmedia Woman

  @wcntv commentary: Today’s Transmedia Woman Features one of the greatest Supermodels of all time in our book. Ms Johnson inspired the CEO to venture into the world of Fashion at a very early age and this morning found her following us on Twitter. What a great day this is going to be.   We are honoroed to be followed by such a treasured Icon whwo is  part of the WCN CEO’s personal history but now our present and our future. Beverly Johnson you are Today’s Transmedia Woman.  Welcome to the WCN Family.  We would be honored to ue our gifts and talents to monetize your video driving multiple streams of income from your product line.  We look forward to connecting and serving.   About Beverly Johnson   Beverly Johnson is the first African-American supermodel. Her stunning features and superstardom would eventually land her on the cover of Vogue magazine in 1974, making world history as the first black model to ever grace the acclaimed magazine’s cover, and forever changing the beauty ideal in the fashion world. Beverly’s remarkable career, which spans three decades, is a showcase of accomplishment: from model to mom to actress, author, activist, businesswoman, TV personality, and—finally—icon.   Read More:    

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