Black History Month 2012 Comes to a Close NOW WHAT?

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@wcntv commetnary As Black History Month 2012 comes to a close, I cannot help but think about the future. Not just for African Americans, not just people of African descent but all of us who have been touched by Black History. February the shortest month of the year gets an extra day because it’s a LEAP YEAR. Let’s use that last day to LEAP FORWARD INTO THE FUTURE. WCNTV has some insights we have been honored to become a part of from South Africa to the United States of America and even around the world. Prepare for Civil Rights to Platinum Rights which is where Dr. King was heading before he was cut down. Are there modern day leaders ready to accept the mantel, you bet there are? And you may have never heard of these unsung heroes who day after day plan and prepare to make the world a better place. If you have followed me for any length of time or check out my reporting on CNN IReport you have seen the name, International Ambassador Oscar J. Webb. A Mentor and Platinum Rights Leader. Stay tuned as the Economic Recovery sought by America will be found in Africa. But how will that affect you. It won’t if you don’t know or ignore it. Don’t look for a big hoopla in mainstream media as they have largely ignored the most important Public Policy Statement ever released from the Global Body of Nations to benefit people of African Descent. Yes UN Resolution 64/169 proclaiming 2011 The International Year for People of African Descent. It suggests that because of Slavery the world owes us the opportunity to reconnect to our Heritage Socially, Culturally and Economically. Does that mean you can expect a Reparations Check in the mail? Well excuse me but Hell NO! And while the perpetrators of Slavery has been blamed on the White Man it’s time to get past that as many Black people showed them the way to enslave us.   This is the 300th Year of the Willie Lynch Letter which taught enslavement for that period until today. Well here is some great news for people of African Descent.   YOU ARE FREE, FREE FROM THE WILLIE LYNCH CURES AND FREEE FROM PHSYICAL SLAVERY.   NOW WHAT? STAY TUNED TO SEE THE ACTION ITEMS RELATED TO UN RESOLUTION 64/169 AND 2011 SONGS FOR AFRICA a celebration to be coordinated with both Martin Luther King’s Holiday and Nelson Mandela’s Freedom Day each year from now on.   With 1.1 Trillion dollars in buying power and 54 African Nations and the resources of the Continent, could it be that we are not broke busted and disgusted. Rather rich beyond measure. Think about it and then follow WCN on Twitter, Facebook and the several blogs we produce as we highlight Jobs in Africa to build America. And when you visit the Lorraine Motel on vacation to see our past plan to go home at least once in your lifetime.   Visit our Past but Chart out your Future:   ABOUT NCRM The National Civil Rights Museum is the site of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968. The Museum is located at South Main and Huling Streets, in the historic art district of downtown Memphis.   Dedicated on September 28, 1991, the Museum exists to assist the public in understanding the lessons of the Civil Rights Movement and its impact and influence on human rights movements worldwide, through its collections, exhibitions, research and educational programs. It chronicles the civil rights movement from 1619 to 2000 with historical exhibits, including Room 306, the hotel room where Dr. King stayed in April of 1968.


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