FantaZ – Promote Your Charity Join the WCNZTEAM Charity Gaming @bowling4charity

Via Scoop.itTransmedia Gaming Today

Welcome to the FantaZ Charity division where you Play, Promote and Profit for your favorite charity!   When you fund raise for a charity everybody can win… you can play in a tournament sponsored by a charity against other players on FantaZ or we can create a trivia game for the members of your organization to compete against each other… we will help you from start to finish but here’s what you need to do to get started.   We need you to fill out this simple form and send it to us so we can contact you and help you register. Our goal is to ensure that we protect the integrity of our corporation, safeguarded the rights of the non-profit along with the protection of all 5013C statue but we advise everyone to consult an attorney and tax advisors. CommunityCharityCelebrity   Please indicate and use Promo Code WCNZTEAM for your Charity.


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