One-on-One with Bill Gates: ‘Why Aren’t There Protests Every Day?’

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One-on-One with Bill Gates: ‘Why Aren’t There Protests Every Day?’   Hi-Tech Revolution Has Given Inner-City Schools Equal Access. Now, Microsoft Billionaire says a Revolution of a Different Kind is Needed to Give Students a Fighting Chance   By Kevin ChappellTo Bill Gates, the digital divide is so yesterday, and unfortunately, so is the Civil Rights Movement.   The American icon who made billions revolutionizing the personal computer, says that price drops in technology have meant people of all races and at virtually every point of the socioeconomic spectrum, have access to the Internet and the equipment needed to tap into it. So 10 years after starting the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—and deciding to put billions into improving education in America—he knows that access to technology is no longer the issue. How we use that technology in the classroom, and whom we hire to teach are.   America’s public school system, particularly in the inner city where dropout rates top 50 percent in some cases, is failing at both.   “That’s when you say, ‘Oh, my goodness! … This is a stark situation,’” says Gates of learning that some schools were little more than dropout factories, even though low-cost technology was supposed to be the great equalizer.   In fact, once Gates got over the shock at the continued disparity in the education system, he says he got angry. Now, he struggles to figure out why Blacks, particularly in inner cities, aren’t also mad as hell and ready to pound the pavement for change. “Why isn’t there outrage, absolute outrage over this issue? Why aren’t there protests every day? I don’t understand,” he says. “Why wouldn’t this activate people the way that it did during the Civil Rights Movement?”   Read More:

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