The Women’s Media Center In the Begining. The Birth of a Movement whose time has come. @Janefonda @womensmediacntr

Via Scoop.itToday’s Transmedia Woman

@wcntv commentary: What a inspiring Story of the Launch of the Women’s Media Cener.  This is a incredible week for Women given the Susan G. Komen reversal.  But there is much work to do.  WCNTV has dedicated itself to choosing Sexy over Sexism.   As a Dad, a Uncle and Brother we have to do better for Women in Media.  Why I am as a man to participate in the Center.   Congratulations for creating a Center for my Girls.  After watching Miss Represented on OWN you have a believer in this Macho Man.  Help us at WCN help you.   Film by Donna Deitch celebrating the contribution of the First Responders – the women who provided the initial funding for the Women’s Media Center.

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