We Told You Obama Would Be Pumping This Chart @barackobama @whlive @WCNTV ASKS Why Not?

Via Scoop.itTransmedia Thought Leadership

@WCNTV Commentary:  And Why Not? Remember Thanks Mr. President.  How about a little Gratitude and Praise for a change.  The Economy is going to turn around if we don’t allow the Tail to Wag the Dog.     Toldja….Our CHART OF THE DAY today was titled: When Obama Runs For Re-Election, This Is The Chart He Will Use.     Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/we-told-you-obama-would-be-pumping-this-chart-2012-2?utm_source=alerts&nr_email_referer=1#ixzz1lLAQvGuf
Via www.businessinsider.com


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