SHOCKING UPSET: Bloomberg TV Has Hotter Female Anchors Than Fox News

Via Scoop.itMiss Represented

@Transmediawoman   What is shocking is that there is indeed a effort made to have the Hottest News Women in the game. Question.  Ladies how does this strike you?  We understand they say Sex Sells.  Some say yeah it sells beer but not much else.  If that is the case what do you make of this BI report.  Let your voice be heard.   Here is the BI Post.   MTV’s Clutch Blog has released an investigation into whether Fox News really as the hottest female anchors. Their final verdict — Bloomberg TV actually has the best looking ladies. From Clutch:   We worked tirelessly, planting ourselves in front of the TV with a couple six packs, flipping between the news networks on mute. After hours of rigorously objectifying, we stumbled upon a shocking finding: Rupert Murdoch’s news channel does not have the highest number of hot anchors. Nope, that title goes to Bloomberg TV. Looks like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg knows how to pick ’em. MSNBC, on the other hand, really needs to pick up the pace. The girls of CNBC weren’t even mentioned in the investigation.   We were also disappointed that Bloomberg TV’s Stephanie Ruhle didn’t get a shout out. She definitely deserves one. Please follow Clusterstock on Twitter and Facebook.
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