What is the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act? – Insider Trading by Congress – ProCon.org

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Congress being caught by suprise suddenly has decided to do the right thing.  Bernie Madoff must be some kind of pissed off right now.  As I suspect that his dealings and what has been happening for decades has come to light because of a 60 Minutes expose which has both sides of Congress looking somewhat guilty.   In a effort today the US Senate decided to bring to the floor a Bi-partisoan bill to fix the problem.   But will it really.  And what about the past profiteering.  We have to agree that Insider Trading is wrong.  Should Congress be required to repay the ill-gotten gain?  Pay a fine if is proven.  What is the penalty?  What about transparency in governement?    Finally have you ever wondered why millionares and billionaires run for office?    The Presidency pays $400 Grand a year.  A Obvious pay cut for Mitt Romney who got paid just under that for speakers fees.    If the Insider Trading Rules are enforced as most Americans already thought ws the case, what would be the incentive to serve in Congress?    What’s your opinion?     Read More about the Legislation and the steam its now getting in Congress and the Senate.  Keep your eyes on this one folks as EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE.
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