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Via Scoop.itToday’s Transmedia Woman

@Stacey McClain you are in Today’s Transmedia Woman’s Spotlight.  Sistaah Friend looks like a lot of fun.  Check it out FAM and lets get this one Finished and Dusted.  @Transemediawoman @wcntv   Super Shero Seeks Help from Friends…   THE STORY   I am of the mindset that if you want to change something, just DO IT! Thus, SISTAAH FRIENDwas born! Yes, Sistaah Friend was conceived from being frustrated at the lack of “Sistaah Friends” at Comic Con… but it’s so much more. The web series speaks to mending friendships, embracing forgiveness & simply loving all that you are. Everyone needs a good “Sistaah Friend” in his or her life… Don’t you?   WHO is “Sistaah Friend?”   She is a modern day Super Shero, who mends, cultivates, and encourages friendships, with the help of her purse! Faith is the key to her power! However, she does have her kryptonite and when exposed, her powers diminish. Sistaah Friend’s Side Kick is DIVA CHICK & Need I say more? The nemesis, hater, and crazy agitator… is none other than YMENE and, she’s pushing the kryptonite hard!   Please check out our Sizzle Reel:   Read More and Donate  


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