The State of Black Male/Female Relationships Conference @kimirhochelle

Via Scoop.itToday’s Transmedia Woman

  “My Brother, My Sister – Can We Talk?” A panel discussion targeted at addressing the primary issues concerning the state of black male/female relationships; lead by experts in the fields of social sciences, education, relationships, theology, and culture. Workshops   “Keeping It Safe” With profound statistics on the startlingly high number of new HIV incidents amongst African American men and women, it is of utmost importance that we discuss this devastating epidemic and its heavy impact on our community.   “Parenting in the 21st Century: It takes a Village” How do we maintain our occupations, achieve higher education, and foster our relationships with each other, while nurturing the physical and mental health of our most valuable assets; our children?   “The Five Languages of Love” Learn the love languages, how meaningful they can be, and how to effectively communicate with your partner.   “The Four Corners of New Age Dating” Explore the four corners of New Age Dating in an interactive workshop that includes,
an excursion on “Mock Speed Dating”, an exploration into “Dating and the World Wide Web”, a glimpse into “Single Parenting and Dating ”, and inspiration for those who are “Back on the Scene”.

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