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Here we are on distant shores

Searching for love ones lost

Knowing their pain and suffering

Was an ocean of love lost.

Cant you see the sun is shining

Bringing energies of love all

Come my people unite together

Wake up stand up be the love for all

The bells are ringing it is time

To answer the call of one

Get together my brothers and sisters

It’s time you must unite as one

Unite Unite it’s time it’s time

You must unite as one

Hold together brothers and sisters

It’s time to unite as one.

by Sonia Dixon


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Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet

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How many Facebook status updates??…   In a single minute there are over 695,000 statusupdates on Facebook. That’s just one example of the mind boggling scale of online activity.   The following infographics show a bunch of other incredible things that happen in 60 seconds (via Barry Ritholtz).   Read more:

Facebook, Google, And Dropbox Are Hiring Interns By The Boatload

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The average Silicon Valley intern makes $10,000 for a summer’s work.   Silicon Valley mainstays and startups like Google and Dropbox are hiring tons of interns for this coming summer, the Wall Street Journal Reports.Dropbox plans to hire three times as many interns for this summer as for last summer. This would make interns one whole third of Dropbox’s entire engineering team.   Bump Technologies, maker of the popular bump-to-share-your-contact-info app, plans to hire ten interns this coming summer. These interns will make up a pretty large chunk of Bump’s 30 employee office.   Facebook plans to hire 625 interns for this coming summer, while Google plans to hire more than a thousand youngsters for summer jobs. So why all the hiring up? Finding and keeping full-time hires is tough enough at a tech company because of rampant poaching, so these companies have been increasingly turning to collegestudents for first-year employees. Most of these companies offer interns around $10,000 for a summer-long gig.   Read more:

Holidays at the White House | The White House @barackobama @micheleobama #whitehouse

Via Scoop.itToday’s Transmedia Woman is the official web site for the White House and President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States.   Our theme for this 2011 holiday season is “Shine, Give, Share,” which offers an opportunity to pay tribute to our troops, veterans, and their families throughout the White House. This year, the official tour features 37 Christmas trees, 30 are natural trees and 7 are made from paper, felt or aluminum; a gingerbread model of the White House made of 400 pounds of gingerbread, white chocolate and marzipan plus 5 different representations of First Dog Bo Obama. Volunteers from 36 states plus the District of Columbia worked for days to get everything ready.

‘The Iron Lady’ has nothing on these brave black women

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SLIDESHOW – ‘The Iron Lady’ has nothing on these brave black women. While Meryl Streep is making headlines for her new role in this biopic…   The Iron Lady has nothing on these brave black women. While Meryl Streep is making headlines for her new role in this biopic about former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, women of African descent have a long history of expressing the steely resolve that made her famous.   Black female leaders have led slaves to freedom and faced bullets in the pursuit of justice, long exhibiting the tough qualities that made Margaret Thatcher great. As the world celebrates Thatcher with the release of the Iron Lady movie, let us also remember these “iron ladies” of African descent. Their powerful resolve and quiet austerity have significantly advanced the black community throughout our history.