Jacqueline Taylor-Adams Marketing Strategist and Consultant: TaylorAdams Marketing & MgMt/BBS Value Tour/Master Griot Publishing

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@Transmediawoman Reporting on the Urban Tech Fair we learned about from Jacqueline Taylor-Adams.  There is a great opportunity to host a 3-4 Day showcase.  Check out the websites at Ms. Taylor-Adams Linkedin Page.   Driven by a desire to help build functional healthy communities and a passion for the arts, I work on purpose as a marketing strategist empowering solopreneurs, small businesses, art organizations, and non-profits to maximize and align their existing resources with a strategic plan. For larger corporations I work as a liaison between innovative grassroots organizations, causes, and artists who have an intimate loyal relationship with their constituents or fan base to ensure the best outcomes for all parties involved by providing a strategic integrated marketing and PR plan and ensuring effective full implementation corporation’s sponsorship offering.   Currently, seeking small business and corporate sponsorship for IMPACC. IMPACC is the Black Business Space Value Tour’s [BBSVT] first formal collaboration. IMPACC is an artist and media development product that affordably and strategically provides a more measurable impact for of the music and spoken word of independent recording artists via BBSVT’s Live Fandom Media Network, PR, and fan-focused marketing. BBSVT is looking for sponsors for IMPACC’s quarterly print report in Rolling Out national newspaper (18 US Markets) and Trendsetters to Trendsetters print and video Magazine (Ohio, Atlanta, Texas). Call 215.774.1237 or email dobusiness@TaylorAdams4Me.com to request detailed information.   Specialties Marketing consultation, brand/image development, visual and performance art marketing, non-profit management and marketing, idea generation, purchasing, telecommunication services, and administrative systems development.   READ MORE: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tayloradams
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