How Long Can Rihanna Rely On Sex Alone To Sell Albums? Forever @rihanna See @wcntv Commentary

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How will the public react to the dirtiest pop record of all time?   How Long Can Rihanna Rely On Sex Alone To Sell Albums?  by Kevin Lincoln   Rihanna’s sixth studio album, “Talk That Talk,” is like her first five studio albums, in that after today we will never listen to it again from start to finish.
Read more:   @WCNTV Commentary Is this fair? or Is it the market’s need for Rihanna has in abundance.  This week a politician decided that it was okay to suggest that Michele Obama was well endowed in areas.  And last time I checked our First Lady didn’t have a Music Video Out.  So how can we make Rihanna responsible for the Sexism in the media.   If you don’t understand Rihanna’s begining and the Industry Machine that surounds a Superstar lets look at the begining of the Dream, the Nightmare and Redemption.   In part 3 she takes a stand against staying in a abusive relationship, which speaks volumes about her, strength and courage to walk away from a man she loved.  Her first true love to save herself.   Rihanna can last as long as she wants and a Sexier Performer is hard to find.  She is in the Entertainment Business and therefore will be judged and misjudged as this article has done.   Kevin before Rihanna was a Transmedia Icon she was a little girl from the Barbados with a dream to make music internationally.    Michele Obama again is the First Lady of the United States of America yet some asshole decides to degrade her and think that is okay.  Its not.  Nor is it right to ignore the music because the package is so very very FINE.    GO RIRI!  Keep your head to the sky and grabbing your croch seemed to work for Michael Jackson.  Performers Perform.  Happy Holiday’s from @wcntv and @transmediawoman   Check out Part 1 – 3 of the 20/20 Report from after the Chris Brown Beat Down.    Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

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