Create your own luck – Inspiring Interview with world renowned DJ/Producer/Musician/Actor @Subvertmagazine

Via Scoop.itTransmedia Thought Leadership

Inspiring and motivating interview with DJ, producer, musician, actor and artist Goldie and SUBvert magazine’s Angel Greenham and Paul Magee…   Do you ever wonder why other people have more luck than you? Maybe it’s because of what they’re doing behind the scenes. Come back stage and learn about luck from a man whose experienced success in music and art. Discover how role models can help you cut through the crap and what to do to create your own luck.   Goldie has worked with David Bowie, Noel Gallagher and KRS1 plus he has his own record label called “Metalheadz” which has released numerous pioneering tracks. He also starred in the James bond film “The World Is Not Enough” and Guy Ritchie’s “Snatch”. As well as being a much sought after graffiti artist whose artwork is coveted by top DJs.


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