President and Mrs Obama on the American Jobs Act Bus Tour @BarackObama @micheleobama1

Via Scoop.itToday’s Transmedia Woman

First Lady Michelle Obama announces commitments from 270 companies to hire 25,000 veterans and their spouses. October 19, 2011.   WCNTV Commentary.   It is time to Welcome Home our Heroes.  With opportunities. Congresss Pass the American Jobs Act.  This is your First Family at work.  Lets not misunderstand the situation we find oursevles in America.  Check out this video and ask yourself are we getting what we paid for believe in  when we hired this First couple.  Then in contrast look at who got our country in this mess. then pray.  Pray for the President and the First Lady.  Then pray for Congress and the Senate and our Military and their Families.     President Obama and to our First Lady,  Keep on Keeping On. Day by Day you are digging us out of this.  It’s far too soon to turn back the clock and retun to the policies that got us in this situation.  The 99 Percent indeed need a fail playing field and for what you do we honor Michele Obama and Dr. Jill Biden as Today’s Transmedia Women.  And One last this to Congress.  Pass this Jobs Bill.  You should Pass it Right Away.     

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