POLL: We Want To Know If You’ve Stopped Paying For TV

Via Scoop.itMiss Represented

A recent Credit Suisse analyst’s report — coupled with some data from the U.S. Census about the swift decline of hard-wired telephones in households — led us to the recent conclusion that television as we know it — cable and satellite service — could die off within the next five years.More and more people are becoming “cord-cutters”: giving up paying for TV service in favor of web video, their iPads, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Worse (for the TV business, anyway), a new generation of youngsters is emerging that has never paid for TV and sees no reason to start now: The “cord-nevers.”   Business Insider wants to know if you’ve ever refused to pay for TV and gone cordless. Or if you’ve never paid for TV. Or if you’ve gone without for a while, and then returned to the glass teat. Or if the idea of living without good old TV just sounds like a total nightmare.   Tell us about the future of TV with this poll. When you’re done, send me an email (address below) and tell me how or why you gave up/stuck with television. Or just use the comments section, below.   In a few days, I’ll write a followup post describing your inner psyche as it relates to the future of the boob tube.   Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/poll-we-want-to-know-if-youve-stopped-paying-for-tv-2011-12?utm_source=alerts&nr_email_referer=1#ixzz1fr38uU9W
Via www.businessinsider.com


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