WILLINETICS “Willie Blanks is a Master Trainer who empowers people to reach their Physical Potential through Wilinetics http://www.willinetics.com”

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Willie Ray Blanks transforms lives and inspires many to reach personal goals. Willie’s engaging personality and ability to motivate has resulted in a dynamic new fitness program called “Willinetics”. Willinetics will rock the world incorporating internal edification with body empowerment.Willie Ray Blanks was the 7th born child in a family of ten boys and five girls.   Isaac and Mabeline Blanks raised their children in Erie, Pennsylvania, where their family is well known for their positive influences on the community.   Willie graduated from Tech Memorial High School in 1976.  He attended Gannon University and in 1980 was the first in his family to graduate from college. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, he went on to work in 1980 for a public accounting firm called Cooper & Lybrand. He then in 1983 pursued internal auditing and industrial accounting at Hammermill paper Company.   Willie was promoted to Controller over one of Hammermill’s $50 million dollar lumber divisions, American Hardwood Industries (AHI). He remained there until International Paper Company purchased Hammermill in 1986, and began to divest and down size some Hammermill?s divisions, one of which was AHI. Willie, then went into the banking industry and was hired by PNC Bank in 1987. After being there through October 1994, PNC Bank went through a major consolidation of bank operations. At this point Willie decided to take his life savings and opened up a fitness center.
Via www.willinetics.com


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