Trimm International Empowering You For Life! @cindytrimm @AtlantaBizWomen Dr Cindy Trimm is TTW

Via Scoop.itToday’s Transmedia Woman

Trimm International is dedicated to empower the world by bringing hope and healing to every individual.   Dr. Cindy Trimm has dedicated her life to serving God and humanity. A best-selling author, high impact teacher, and former senator, Dr. Trimm is a sought-after empowerment specialist, revolutionary thinker, and transformational leader. She has earned a distinguished reputation as a catalyst for change and voice of hope to the nations. Dr. Trimm travels worldwide partnering with social, spiritual, and civic leaders in an effort to equip people everywhere to discover purpose, maximize potential, and leave a positive footprint through their lives. Viewing this world as a global village, she continues to initiate strategic interdisciplinary forums, as well as host conferences and summits designed to develop practical solutions toward the healing of our world from its deeply rooted social and spiritual ills.   Best-selling books by Dr. Trimm include Commanding Your Morning and Rules of Engagement, which have sold over one million copies. Her recent release, The Art of War for Spiritual Warfare, is gaining momentum and popularity.   WCNTV Commentary.  Congratulations Dr. Trimm you are Today’s Transmedia Woman.  We love God’s Message and the work He has called you too.  Your Message and your Website are Testimonies of exactly why you were chosen for this is the Day the Lord has made.  We are glad and rejoice with you,  And just stopped by to say well done.   Jay O’Conner Chairman & CEO WCNTV


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