Inside Microsoft’s Plan To Beat Google And Apple To Control The Living Room

Via Scoop.itTransmedia Gaming Today

Microsoft might have gained the edge in the battle to control the living room with an update to the Xbox — at least until we see what Apple TVwill turn into.The new Xbox interface, coming out on Tuesday, is powered by the Xbox Kinect — which means you use your hands and voice to control it instead of a remote control. You can say something like “Bing X-men” and it will immediately jump to any X-men related content on the console or the web.   Microsoft is also adding television channels from providers like Verizon FiOS, which will join existing channels like ESPN and apps like Netflix and Hulu.   Microsoft is trying to serve as a central media hub for your living room — replacing cable boxes, DVD players and other devices — by bringing all the content to a single device.   Apple and Google haven’t quite cracked the living room with that level of interaction yet. Xbox Live, the console’s online service, now has around 35 million members — though the company wouldn’t say how many of those are paying subscribers. Will it be able to stave off the impending charge from Google and Apple? We sat down with Microsoft’s Ross Honey, general manager of Xbox Live entertainment and advertising, to find out.   Read more:

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