25 To Life: In New Film, Man With AIDS Confesses Unprotected Past

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Infected as a child, William Brawner practiced unsafe sex at Howard University. A new film entitled 25 to LIFE chronicles his journey.   WCNTV Commentary: The lure of sex, drugs, alcohol and the college experience is profound.  Always has been and I suspect will be.  There is a freedom experienced when one gets out of the house for the first time and from under parental control so to speak.  As today is World Aids Day it only appropriate that I close today’s posting events with this story to remind us all about unprotected sex.  One time, One encounter, can change your life forever.   Anyone knowingly infecting others with HIV and AIDS should be treated as a murderer.  We pray for all those infected and their families who have been robbed of so many of lifes moments.  Tonight I remember Tyrone and Norella McNeil to incredible souls from my past who both lost their lives to this horrible syndrom. They left the earth in their 20’s at the height of this epedemic   May they Rest In Peace.  Jay O’Conner Chairman & CEO
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