Conscious Holiday Shopping | ‘Man Up!’ is Down

Via Scoop.itMiss Represented

A few weeks back, after it was deemed the most offensive new show on network TV in our SexyorSexism? poll, we asked you to stand up to sexism and flood the pages of ABC’s Man Up!. We have positive news: the network has decided to shelve Man Up! for the time being, and all signs point to its eventual cancellation. Thank you to everyone who took this action and made a difference in the representation of gender on TV. Our campaign is starting to get noticed! Here’s this week’s action:   Action Alert 1: Conscious Holiday Shopping In America, the week after Thanksgiving officially launches the biggest shopping season of the year. Millions of people in this country will spend many millions of dollars over the next four weeks – so what better time to take some action around spending habits? Voting with our money is one of the most powerful ways we can impact the society we live in.   That’s why we are launching a campaign on Tumblr and Twitter to keep track of all the positive choices we know you Reps will be making when purchasing gifts this year. If you see a product that misrepresents or degrades women – whether in a store, online or in a magazine – here’s what you can do to make a difference:   1. On Twitter, post a picture or a description of the offensive product with this hashtag: #notbuyingit (ex. “The ads at Abercrombie & Fitch are degrading to women. I wanted this sweater but now I’m #notbuyingit #SARep”)   2. On Tumblr, post a picture of a positive ad or item, with a description of why you think it fairly represents women! (You can see similar examples already up at   We hope to create a trend this winter of avoiding sexist products while supporting those that send out positive messages around gender. As always, let us know of any major successes that you have! You might be our next featured rep! Peace,


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