The Awesome Power of Family in Social Media Storytelling

Via Scoop.itTransmedia Thought Leadership

In honor of Thanksgiving, I wanted to write a post about the power of family in social media storytelling. And as you site down to whatever celebration you embrace, think about the videos below and what they evoke within you.   I love this article because of the points it makes about social media and your business stories.  For example: “But first, remember that the goal isn’t to be good at social media. The goal is to be good at business because of social media.”   And then: “We want to do business with what we know, like, and trust. Social media can be used to increase the degree to which we know, like, and trust companies.”   The article then goes on to demonstrate how a delicatessen in Phoenix, AZ has used stories of its founders to create a loyal customer base.  There are 4 videos to view in the article and I’ll let you determine if you think they work or not.   But what I do like is the author saying, “The More You Sell, The Less You Sell…What I love about these videos is that they don’t devolve into promotions-based drivel. There’s no coupon. There’s no “35th Anniversary Special”. There’s not even a call-to-action.”   As consumers, we are all becoming jaded about marketing, branding and sales.  So keep this in mind as you create your business stories.  The points above and others in this article may be well worth following.

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