Greatest Story Never Told Features Today’s Transemdia Woman Sheila Crump Johnson @ariannahuff

Via Scoop.itToday’s Transmedia Woman

WCNTV Commentary: As I am conducting mad research into issues related to Women it is really an honor to find and report those who are clearly Unsung.  This is just one of many things that Producer Sheilia Curmp Johnson is accomplishing.  Now a Contributer to the Huffington Post and the documentary called A Powerful Noise it is clear that many great things are coming as this Transmedia Woman puts her money where her mouth is.  making Sheilia Crump Johnson Today’s Transmedia Woman.   THE CRUMP-JOHNSON INSTITUTE Founder Sheila Crump Johnson   Reinvesting wealth in the community over the years, Dr. Sheila Crump-Johnson has given generously to nonprofit organizations such as the United Negro College Fund, Howard University, and the Levine School of Music. Dr. Johnson has hosted many charity events year round to help improve communities across the country. Sheila is a gifted photographer & musician with a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from the University of Illinois. She has taught music, authored a textbook, and currently serves on the Board of Trustees at Carnegie Hall.Dr. Johnson also:   • Is on the Board of Directors of the Washington International Horse Show • Belongs to the National Horse Show • Belongs to the United States Equestrian Team • Belongs to he USA Equestrian Association (formerly the American Horse Show Association) • Was a former Trustee of the Loudoun Healthcare Foundation • Is the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs & co-founder • Is the owner of Salamander farm • The creator of BET URBAN NATION H.I.P.H.O.P., (Focusing on the acronym HIP-HOP (Hope, Integrity, Power, Helping Our People) • Was the recipient of the Morrisville State College Honorary Doctorate. • The mother of two young adults Dr. Johnson has a new target on her “radar”, and this is to promote diversity within higher education.   Dr. Johnson has donated generously to Morrisville State College for the creation of the Crump-Johnson Institute. The Crump-Johnson Institute will provide support for diversity and character-building initiatives for students and the college community by creating fellowships, offering scholarships and providing diversity-oriented, character building and leadership programming. Dr. Johnson also donated money for Morrisville State College’s TV commercial, which became a 60 second version that aired on major TV stations such as MTV, BET, & FOX.   “In educating young people, it is imperative to address the whole person,” Johnson said. “Focusing on character and leadership in addition to academics will serve to prepare students well for their roles as employees, employers, parents and leaders.”


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